Long Distance Learning

Long-Distance Education is offered through video chat or over the phone. It is for those who do not live close enough to meet face-to-face but would still like to learn the Creighton Model System.

Requirements for Long-Distance Learners at Each Follow-Up

  • Red Pen for correcting chart
  • Email your Practitioner a scan of your chart (inside/back) no later than 6pm the night before your scheduled follow-up.
  • Have your Introductory Booklet, Picture Dictionary and Chart present at every Follow-up.

Pricing for Long-Distance Learners

  • Introductory Session: $40
  • Starter Packet: $65
    • Includes- User Manual, Chart, Stamps, Picture Dictionary & Shipping
  • Each Follow-up: $40

If you’re in the Madison, WI area, please sign up for our in-person sessions here.

For those interested in the Creighton Model System who do not live in the Madison, WI area and are not interested in Long-Distance Learning,  please refer to the link below to find a FertilityCare Practitoner near you!