Online Program

Learn the Creighton Model System from the comfort of your own home! The Online Program is offered through video chat and/or over the phone.

Requirements for Online Program Clients at Each Follow-Up

  • Red Pen for correcting chart
  • Email your Practitioner a scan of your chart (inside/back) no later than 6pm the night before your scheduled follow-up.
  • Have your Introductory Booklet, Picture Dictionary and Chart present at every Follow-up.

Don’t see a time that works for you? Sign up for a Private Online Introductory Session that works with your schedule, here! 

If you’re looking for the Introductory Session held in Sun Prairie, WI: sign up for our in-person sessions here

For those interested in the Creighton Model System who do not live in the Madison, WI area and are not interested in our Online Program,  please refer to the link below to find a FertilityCare Practitoner near you!