“I had already been charting for a year, but due to some changes needed to find a new FCP. Kristin has been excellent to work with. I have been cycling through different medications, and no two cycles really seem the same. Kristin helped me gain my confidence in correctly identifying my peak day, which I had completely lost confidence in when I started with her. Thank you!”

“I always feel supported and empowered after my sessions. I am not afraid to ask questions because I know that Kristin is happy to answer them.”

“I do like that even though this is a requirement for a religious wedding, the program was really focused on sexual health, women’s health and the science behind all of it.”

“Thank you for encouraging questions and being open to those conversations. I appreciated that you welcomed jumping in with a question before I forgot.”

“It’s really exciting, I have a lot of hope for this!”

“Kristin was very nice and taught me a lot about what was happening to me.”

“Everything was explained very well and in a good environment.”

“Instructor was very nice and welcoming. She gave us a lot of good and interesting information.”

“Presentation was clear and was able to answer questions clearly.”

“Good job! We learned a lot and now we want to explore more before we dive in.”

“So interesting!”

“The Introductory Session, so great!”

“Lots of material, went over very well.”

“What a great session!”

“Kristin was very nice and friendly. it was a good presentation.”

“I felt the information was very helpful. I am feeling confident that I can learn the System effectively with the help from Kristin.”

“I really achieved a lot.”

“Kristin was excellent, good explanations, easy to follow. Thank you.”

“Presented very clearly and was able to answer our questions clearly.”



Introductory Session Reviews

“Kristin has been able to help me gain confidence in correctly identifying my peak day. She has been very supportive and encouraging, and even though I am a long distance client, I have found my follow ups with Kristin to be much more beneficial than with a previous in-person instructor. I appreciate that Kristin seems to have the most up to date information regarding the Creighton model, and she is able to answer all of my questions.”


“Kristin is a great teacher and is genuinely concerned about my well being. She allows me to ask A LOT of questions and always answers them with enthusiasm, interest, and care. I look forward to our follow-ups!”


“I started using the Creighton Model because my husband and I had been struggling with infertility for 2.5 years. I was always familiar with my cycles and thought I knew them very well but I ended up learning so much through the Creighton Model. After looking at my chart, Kristin discovered my chart indicated that I had low progesterone. Kristin immediately referred me to the NaPro Technology doctor and I was prescribed progesterone. Kristin also suggested I take vitamin B6 to help increase my fertile cervical mucus. After 2 months of taking progesterone and 1 month of taking vitamin B6 I became pregnant! Kristin is very knowledgeable about the Creighton Model and was extremely helpful in helping us learn the charting process which ultimately led to my pregnancy after just 3 months of charting. I will definitely be using the Creighton Model to chart my cycles again!”

Ali B.