Our purpose is to give quality care and education that empowers women and couples with the knowledge of their fertility, to then enhance their reproductive health.


Kristin Dvorsky, BA, CFCP

Fertility Awareness Educator
Kristin Dvorsky with Dr. Hilgers (Developer of the Creighton Model System)

Hi! My name is Kristin Dvorsky, I am the Certified FertilitiyCare Practitioner and founder of Faustina FertilityCare Center. I received my Bachelors Degree at Iowa State University in 2012 in Religious Studies and Speech Communication. I then went on to become a Youth Minister and later a Kindergarten teacher. Teaching allowed me to discover my true passion. After getting engaged in 2014 and learning the Creighton Model System, I developed another passion for women’s health. In 2015 I combined those two areas and began my studies at the Pope Paul VI Institute to become a FertilityCare Practitioner. I completed the 13 month training program in 2016 and became Certified in 2018.

I serve clients in-person, in the Madison, WI area as well as throughout the world through online instruction.

I look forward to meeting you!

Kristin has served over 275 women/couples and has conducted over 2,000 Follow-up appointments.

Michelle Werner, RN, BSN, FCP

Fertility Awareness Educator
Michelle Werner

Hi! My name is Michelle Werner and I am a FertilityCare Practitioner with Faustina FertilityCare Center! I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a background working in Women and Children’s Health. In 2018, I started using the Creighton Model to monitor my own health. By use of this model, I learned so much about my body, health, and the gift of my fertility. Through these discoveries, along with my active nursing work in the field, I developed a deep passion for holistic women’s healthcare. I began the FertilityCare Practitioner program through the Saint Paul VI Institute so I could share my passion for monitoring reproductive health and fertility
with other women and couples. I am looking forward to working alongside Kristin as a practitioner.