Frequently Asked Questions

  • Method Effectiveness 99.5%
    Use Effectiveness 96.8%

    *Journal of Reproductive Medicine, June 1998

  • Couples of normal fertility – Cycle by Cycle Effectiveness

    1st Cycle 76.0% 3rd Cycle 90.0% 6th Cycle 98.0%

    Couples with infertility

    With the Use of the Creighton Model System Only 20-40%
    With the Use of the Creighton Model System and Medical Treatment up to 80%

    *Journal of Reproductive Medicine, June 1998

  • There is a fee for learning the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, it is comparatively much lower than the ongoing costs of other contraceptive methods. After one year of instruction, the client’s only remaining fees would be a refresher from their practitioner every 6 months.
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  • The Creighton Model FertilityCare System is incredibly specific. It is tailor-made for each woman’s body and reproductive category. The Introductory Session gives an overview of the Creighton Model, reviews basic anatomy and physiology, goes through charting situations, and explains the effectiveness for achieving and avoiding pregnancy. However, in order to learn the system and use it well, individual guidance and instruction of a FertilityCare Practitioner is essential. The Follow-up schedule starts off with frequent appointments initially in order to provide the necessary support that each client needs, it then becomes more spread out once you have learned how to observe and chart successfully.

  • It is relatively easy. Learning  the Creighton Model System is a skill, like any skill after a bit of practice, it does become easy! The follow-ups with a trained FertilityCare Practitioner provide the couple with the confidence needed to quickly learn the System. The Creighton Model is not designed to be learned from a relative, friend, book or the information from this website. 

  • All methods of natural family planning revolve around fertility awareness and tracking particular signs from a woman’s body. The Creighton Model System is a mucus-only method using standardized descriptions that help women identify their days of fertility and infertility. It is particularly helpful to women who are breastfeeding, dealing with irregular cycles, and having trouble conceiving. With NaProTechnology, the Creighton Model System empowers clients to be their own advocate regarding their reproductive health and have meaningful discussions with their doctors about any abnormalities that they may be experiencing.

  • No, the founders did establish the system teaching principles within a moral context but the system is for any woman! It serves any woman no matter their background or religious affiliation. The beauty of the system is its scientific foundation, based on over 40 years of research on the human reproductive system.

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