“I do like that even though this is a requirement for a religious wedding, the program was really focused on sexual health, women’s health and the science behind all of it.”

“Thank you for encouraging questions and being open to those conversations. I appreciated that you welcomed jumping in with a question before I forgot.”

“It’s really exciting, I have a lot of hope for this!”

“Kristin was very nice and taught me a lot about what was happening to me.”

“Everything was explained very well and in a good environment.”

“Instructor was very nice and welcoming. She gave us a lot of good and interesting information.”

“Presentation was clear and was able to answer questions clearly.”

“Good job! We learned a lot and now we want to explore more before we dive in.”

“So interesting!”

“The Introductory Session, so great!”

“Lots of material, went over very well.”

“What a great session!”

“Kristin was very nice and friendly. it was a good presentation.”

“I felt the information was very helpful. I am feeling confident that I can learn the System effectively with the help from Kristin.”

“I really achieved a lot.”

“Kristin was excellent, good explanations, easy to follow. Thank you.”

“Presented very clearly and was able to answer our questions clearly.”



Introductory Session Reviews